Salmon Fishing East Haugh River Tummel Scotland

Salmon Fishing Scotland - River Tummel - East Haugh Beat - River Tay Perthshire

  Salmon fishing on the East Haugh beat on the river Tummel, Pitlochry, Perthshire. 




The Pot holds fish towards the right bank where the main current enters the pool. This stretch of water fishes, in low water conditions, from the left bank, when it is possible to wade onto the gravel spit  above the neck of the pool, fishing down as far as the  gauge on the right bank .If the water height is between 0 and 9 inches, commence fishing about 20 yards above the tree clearing on the right bank and continue fishing, in towards the right bank , until the water becomes too deep, in the vicinity of the hut on the right bank.

When fly fishing for salmon from the right bank overhead casting is difficult at certain places but as salmon, in lower water , tend to lie close to the right bank high spey-casting skills are not necessary.



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