Salmon Fishing East Haugh River Tummel Scotland



 Moulinearn a reasonably fast flowing pool with the junction of  Pitcastle burn at the top on the left hand side, and the Broom burn (the beat boundary) at the bottom left hand side. The pool is easiest to fish from the right bank although it can easily be fished from the left bank at the top end ,access to the lower half being obstructed by trees. It fishes best in low to medium water heights, up to about 3 feet above summer level. Above 3 feet, the water tends to be flowing too fast to fish well.  Although there are lies all the way down the pool the best lies are around both burn mouths. Generally the fish tend to lie to both sides of the main current but in low water conditions salmon lie close to the left bank.

 Sea trout fishing fishing during June, July and early August can be good at the tail of this pool,the top end being more productive when fly fishing for grilse.

Access to the left bank can be taken by parking as the level crossing at Moulinearn and walking down past the houses to the top end of the pool, please stay on the road as far as possible only leaving it for the last few yards down to the waters edge.



















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