Salmon Fishing East Haugh River Tummel Scotland



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 Located in central Perthshire the East Haugh salmon fishings is 1.5 miles downstream of Pitlochry in central Scotland and 1.5 miles upstream of the confluence of the River Tay and River Tummel. At the junction with the River Tay, the Tay is smaller than the Tummel

Pitlochry is a small town set amidst spectacular Perthshire scenery, offering a wide range of recreational facilities: hill walking, trout fishing,white  water rafting, bird watching, salmon fishing, the famous Festival Theatre and nearby the fish ladder on the right bank of the River Tummel. The River Tummel is the major tributary of the River Tay, famous salmon fishing and for producing the largest rod caught salmon in Scotland. This fish weighing 64 Lbs was caught by  Georgina Balantyne on the lower part of the River Tay. 

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