Salmon Fishing East Haugh River Tummel Scotland

Salmon Fishing Scotland - River Tummel - East Haugh Beat - River Tay Perthshire

RIGHT BANK    2 Ft.- 3.5 Ft. 

There should be regular supply of fresh running fish and both sinking and sink tip lines may produce results. 

 Poltreigh: From the right bank,at this level, this pool is best fished by spinning. Concentrate in the area where a field drain (yellow pipe) enters the river.

The Pot and Tomdacoliie:  This pool is worth fishing,with the top  third of the pool being most likely to produce  results. The stretch from the gauge to the single sapling on the bank above the hut is best ignored.The area from the single sapling to just bellow the hut is also worth fishing

The Home Stream: Spinning in the area of the croys. There is an area downstream of the last croy /wall that is well suited to fly fishing.  

Peg Legs: The whole length of this pool is worth fishing, the best part being  just below the narrowest part,where the rocks on the left bank are discontinued.

The Cut   Too fast to be productive from the right bank at this height

Ferry Stream  Due to work done at the end of 2010 season I expect a nice stretch of fly fishing to develop downstream of the last croy.

Moulinearn:  Concentrate on the area at the top of the pool as the lower half is likely to be too fast

 LEFT BANK    2 Ft.- 3.5 Ft.

 Poltreigh: From the left bank at this level start at the upper limit of the beat and fish down to the end of the pool without wading in above  knee level. Repeat wading in as far as you are comfortable casting as long a line as you can.Be careful not to trip over  the  submerged boulders on the left side of the pool.

The Pot and Tomdacoliie /Home Stream: Start fishing opposite the   single sapling (on the right bank) above the hut (on the right bank) and casting a long line fish  down to the end of the home stream.

Peg Legs: Only a small area downstream of the narrowest part is worth fishing and is more suited to spinning than fly fishing.

 The Cut  A nice piece of fly water; fish from the top and fish down until you feel the water is flowing too fast.

Ferry Stream: There is little fishing in the Ferry Stream at this height but the winter floods may change this.

 Moulinearn: Fly fishing at the top of the pool,the lower part restricted by fallen trees and bank erosion.

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