Salmon Fishing East Haugh River Tummel Scotland


Water level lower than 6 inches

 With the water level this low most of the fish will  be in the deeper pools: Poltreigh,Peg Leg, lower Ferry Stream,Pitcastle  Burn and Moulinearn 

Poltreigh:  This pool is best fished from the left bank casting as long a line as you can ,a sink tip line with 9 ft. leader and a 1 to 1.5 inch tube fly would be my choice. From the right bank the lower third of the pool is fishable with a fly and worth fishing to 50 mtrs. below where the  alder trees begin.The top 2/3 of the pool are worth fishing but fly fishing is difficult.

Peg Leg:  From the right bank the whole length of the pool should be fished perhaps changing from a sink tip to a fast sinking line for a second run through the pool. From the left bank I would use a sink tip and concentrate on the upper and lower third of the pool.In the middle section there is too much slack water between you and the far bank.

 Lower Ferry Stream: Fish this section from the right bank only.Carry on fishing all the way to the end of the beat.In the middle of Moulinearn wade out to try to fish to the far bank but as you move downstream move back towards the right bank and fish all of the left half of the boundary of the beat.

Moulinearn:   Left bank, the  top half of the pool is easily fished,the lower half being restricted to spinning,unless the winter floods make some changes.  


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