Salmon Fishing East Haugh River Tummel Scotland


  Salmon Fishing Scotland - East Haugh -River Tummel - Pitlochry- Scotland            Perthshire

LEFT BANK  6" to 2 Ft.

Poltreigh is a good starting point .   Start fishing on the left bank at the upper limit of the beat .   Do not wade any deeper than six inches as there are some good lies close to the left bank.   After you have fished the pool, fish it down again but wading in as far as you feel safe and  try to cover the  deep water  to towards the right bank- in particular concentrate at the area of the croy (yellow pipe) on the right bank and below.  There are good lies in this area.   Bear in mind that some of the lies just mentioned may be in the area where you now intend to wade. Be careful not to fall in them and always use a wading staff.

The Pot and Tomdacoille :-If the water is below 1'-0" it is possible to wade onto the area above the Pot "with extreme care "as the current is strong in to the left bank.   Then fish into the right bank of the Pot gradually working through it to the rocks at the bottom.  The area below this is not very productive until you are in the vicinity of the single tree on the right bank. ( approx 80 meters above the hut) . There are lies in this area near the right bank from well above the tree to below the right bank hut.    Long casting is required to fish the best of this area as the deeper part of the pool is to the right. 

 Home Stream:-Start again just above the boulders on the left side of the river and cast as far as possible letting the cast come round to below you,  fish this style to the bottom of the Home Stream croys.  Fish are usually caught on the left side of the main current is this area. This pool will fish at all heights up to 5'-0" with fish moving towards the quieter water nearer the left bank in higher water.

There is a new pool forming at the bottom end of the Home Stream which may well be worth a cast  in low water but at higher water levels tends to be too fast.

Peg Legs can be fished standing on the rock embankment in low water with care.   A good tactic is to use a fast sinking line  as and fish tight into the bank as fish often lie very close to the bank in low  water.  Above about 1'-6" it is better to  concentrate on the last 50 meters. A net is an essential on this bank.

The Cut will fish well from the left bank  the best area is about the middle of the pool . The top of the pool should not be missed  especially in lower water summer conditions as grilse often stop in the vicinity of the rocks in the upper part of the pool   This  pool can  be a good are in high water towards the left bank which is the quieter side.  It is worth fishing the pool to the tail as running fish often rest in this area.

The Ferry Stream:- There is a pool forming as the river turns at top of the stream and it is well worth fishing this but don't spend too long fishing it as to date it has not been very productive.  The remainder of the stream is too fast on this bank until you reach the area of the Pitcastle Burn which is worth a cast.


Moulinearn is worth fishing at this height particularly the top of the pool just below the burn until you are obstructed by the decking platform.  Spring fish rest in the quieter water towards this bank and grilse can often rest in this area.   The lower part of the pool has seen changes occurring with the bank being undercut and falling into the river which makes fishing difficult.  







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