Salmon Fishing East Haugh River Tummel Scotland



Salmon fishing on the East Haugh beat opens on January 15th and and closes on October 15th.

There is a fishing hut on each bank which may be used by regular tenants by prior arrangement. If using these facilities please leave them as clean and tidy as you found them and make sure that they are locked on departure.

Fresh fish enter the River Tummel from the River Tay in early January, but as salmon will not ascend the fish ladder at Pitlochry until late April, there is a build-up of fish in the beats below the dam in the early part of the season.

The River Tummel, particularly in the Spring, is a large river and many anglers are deterred from fly fishing. However, more salmon are caught by fly fishing at this time of year than by other methods
Anglers will require chest waders to cover the water effectively even at normal water heights. Fly fishing is mostly done using rods of about 15Ft. 
In the summer months, late evening and early morning fly fishing for trout, sea trout, grilse and salmon can be productive. When fly fishing for sea trout the occasional grayling may be caught, grayling tend to be few in number in the River Tummel but this is made up for by their size. Grayling of 1 kilo being not uncommon.


The number of let rods on East Haugh is limited to 6 and any legal method of fishing is permitted. 

For salmon, fly fishing is the preferred method. It is the policy of the owners to give booking priority to the previous year's tenants.  The owners retain one rod each day throughout the season.


As the Tummel is a large fast flowing river anglers are advised to wear a buoyancy aid, eye protection, a hat and use a wading staff.



Left bank  -  

Approximately 1.5 miles north of Ballinluig, a track is located in a cutting to the left of the dual carriageway directly opposite the sign-posted road junction to East Haugh.  

200 yards along this track there is a parking area and beyond that a turning area.  DO NOT PARK IN THE TURNING AREA. 

Access to the river is via a pedestrian  crossing over the railway. 

This is about the middle of the beat and the pool adjacent to the hut is Peg Legs Corner.

Right bank -

Access is from Pitlochry via the Pitlochry to Ballinluig road on the west side of the river. 

Take the track to Tomdachoille Farm and the right fork (avoiding access through the farmhouse grounds).  

Please leave all farm gates in the position you find them. 

Please park adjacent to the fishing hut. 

The bottom of the beat may be accessed by the track alongside the field. 

A parking area is set aside at Moulinearn Pool adjacent to the track.

Please do not drive onto farmland, obstruct accesses or park on agricultural ground.  



There is a mandatory catch and release policy in place whereby all fish must be returned to and including 31 March. 

In addition, as a condition of let, the proprietors require that ALL FISH MUST BE RETURNED UP TO 31 MAY.

Anglers should not fish with worms during this period.

All salmon and sea trout caught during the let remain the property of the tenant and a true record of catches shall be given in writing to the agent. 

Failure to provide accurate details of catches, including nil returns, to the agent within 7 days of the cessation of fishing may result in future fishing being refused.  

The agent can be contacted on

From 1 June to end of Season: 

    All hen fish of any size and all cock fish over 10 pounds must be released.

    All coloured and gravid fish must be released.

    No more than one clean fish weighing less than 10 pounds should be retained per angler per day.

    Anglers must not use worms in September or October.

Worming in July and August

During the months of July and August the Board requests that worming should only be undertaken with Circle hooks or Shelton release hooks which are designed to help prevent deep hooking. Contact the Board for details of suppliers.


Tenants are expected to observe the country code and to fish in a sporting manner.  


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